The Data Journey:
A Relational Adventure

Series description

“The Data Journey: A Relational Adventure” is a unique and exciting exploration of the world of databases. Instead of a traditional and technical approach, this series transforms database learning into an adventure through a magical realm called Relationalia.

Each chapter of the series is a journey to a new part of Relationalia, where database concepts come to life as elements of the natural landscape. From the Forests of Tables to the Rivers of Data and the Memory Mountains, each element of the realm represents an aspect of databases.

Throughout the series, you’ll learn about database creation, SQL queries, normalization, transactions, security, and much more. But instead of learning these concepts in isolation, you’ll see them as parts of a cohesive whole, interconnected through the relationships that give Relationalia its name.

“The Data Journey: A Relational Adventure” is more than a blog series. It’s an immersive learning experience that will take you beyond theory and allow you to see databases in a completely new way. Join us on this journey and transform your understanding of databases.

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Dive into the chapters of ‘The Data Journey: A Relational Adventure’. Each chapter is a unique stage in your journey through the magical kingdom of Relationalia, unveiling the mysteries of databases through captivating narratives and visual metaphors.

But each chapter is more than just a story. Within each one, you’ll find links to extra content designed to enrich your learning and understanding. From detailed theory that delves into the concepts presented in the story, to practical advice, step-by-step tutorials, and comprehensive guides, each chapter is packed with resources that will help you master databases.

The chapters are designed to be readable and accessible, with information presented in a clear and concise manner. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have experience with databases, you’ll find that each chapter takes you one step further in your understanding.

So, dive into the chapters and discover the adventure that awaits you in ‘The Data Journey: A Relational Adventure’. Your journey through Relationalia awaits.

Prólogo: “El comienzo de una aventura inolvidable”

En el prólogo, nos embarcamos en un viaje a Relationalia, un reino donde los conceptos de bases de datos cobran vida. Desde Bosques de Tablas hasta Ríos de Datos, cada elemento es un misterio por descubrir.

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Capítulo 1. El nacimiento de un nuevo mundo: Bienvenidos a Relationalia

Había una vez, en un mundo paralelo al nuestro, un lugar donde la información era el recurso más valioso. Este mundo, conocido como Relationalia…

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Capítulo 2. El Mapa del Tesoro de Relationalia: Descubriendo el Modelo Relacional

Al despuntar el alba del segundo día en Relationalia, los habitantes se congregaron alrededor del Arquitecto de Datos, impacientes por continuar…

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discover a new world


El mundo de Relationalia

Relationalia is not an ordinary kingdom. It’s a place where database concepts come to life, transforming into elements of the natural landscape. Here, the Forests of Tables are dense woods of trees that resemble database tables, the Rivers of Data are streams of light flowing like data, and the Memory Mountains are tall peaks that glow with the light of stored memory.

But Relationalia is more than just a landscape. It’s a place of learning and discovery, where each element of the kingdom represents an aspect of databases. By exploring Relationalia, you won’t just learn about databases, but you’ll also see how all these concepts are interconnected and relate to each other.

So come and explore Relationalia. Every step you take in this kingdom will take you deeper into your understanding of databases.

Expand your knowledge


In the ‘Extras’ section, you’ll find additional content that complements your journey through Relationalia.

From glossaries and quick reference guides to practical exercises and challenges, the ‘Extras’ provide you with additional tools to deepen your understanding of databases.

Use these resources to reinforce what you’ve learned in the chapters and to explore aspects of databases that particularly interest you.


Una niña apoyada en una mesa llena de libros, mirando por la ventana a un mundo mágico, representando el descubrimiento del mundo de Relationalia en 'El Viaje de los Datos: Una Aventura Relacional'.



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